The increasing cost pressures due to regulation, demographic change and InsurTechs point to the need for an end-to-end design and the optimization of sales, policy and claims processes. Comprehensive process management is a long-term and complex task for insurers. With in|sure Workplace, you get a central work interface that, in combination with in|sure Workflow, efficiently supports manual claims processing and enables end-to-end process management.


6 good reasons for in|sure Workplace:


Faster processing

Optimal workload control is achieved by means of the push-pull principle. Targeted task assignment (push) and the provision of the task in a team mailbox (pull) reduce processing times and lower the error rate. Task scheduling is based on profiles and availabilities


Simple integration

in|sure Workplace is integrated into the in|sure Workflow process control and works with all the specialized systems in the in|sure Ecosphere. It can also connect to third-party systems.



in|sure Workplace is a central work interface that is unique on the market. It provides all the necessary functions and makes it possible to jump to the systems required to perform specialized tasks. The task wizard acts as a guide to ensure efficient processing.


Everything at a glance

The person processing the task has a 360-degree view of the context of the business case and has direct access to the specialist systems.


Quality assurance

Define and monitor service level agreements for quality issues depending on the input channel, with color coding and escalation by means of “house-keeping processes” to ensure high-quality outcomes.

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A customizable, modern mailbox for processing control when processing manually for user friendly operation.


A unique central workplace for processing at a glance

Features of our product:

  • Control of complex issues based on missing data or by means of defined business rules into mailboxes for manual processing of the process step.
  • Simple user and rights management with connection to the central identity and authorization control (Identity Provider)
  • Assignment of tasks (customer concerns) to defined mailboxes according to division and department within the organization
  • Monitoring of processing (service level agreements, housekeeping processes)
  • Task wizard with specific interfaces for direct processing or a targeted jump to the respective expert system (e.g., contract system)
  • Integration of specialist systems via deep link (jump via classification term, e.g., for contract processing)
  • Integrated 360-degree context view for the person processing the request based on task context and classification terms (partner, contract number, claim number) with predefined views such as partners, contracts, claims, payment transactions/statuses, document view
  • Extensive functions for operators (notes, forwarding, parking, consultation, etc.)
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can be used to simulate operator activities on the user interface
  • Telephony can be directly integrated as an input channel

Our Case Studies


adesso insurance solutions relies on market-leading technology for all its IT solutions. Get an overview of the successes that our customers have already achieved with our help. Read case study now!

  • MIGSuite

    To achieve more automation, SOKA-BAU migrates its policy portfolio

    By using MIGSuite, SOKA-BAU can migrate its inventory in a timely and legally compliant manner and subsequently process previously manual work steps in the new inventory system in the dark.

  • Aissac

    Advocard legal protection insurance

    With AISAAC, ADVOCARD was able to significantly reduce the processing time for new claims through dark processing.

  • in|sure Health Claims

    INTER Kranken­versicherung: Using a system to automate long-term care services

    With in|sure Health Claims, INTER health insurance optimizes its workflows in the service management of long-term care insurance.

  • in|sure Health

    Migration of 400,000 contracts despite shortened duration

    The introduction of the policy management system and the claim management system took place without any major disruptions.

  • MIGSuite

    Barmenia: Migration of 1.3 million contracts

    With in|sure Health Policy, Barmenia now has a modern and future-proof policy management system.

  • Insurance in the Cloud

    andsafe: New digital insurance

    For the foundation of the new digital commercial insurer andsafe, Provinzial Nordwest was given a complete application landscape in the cloud.

  • in|sure PSLife

    Debeka Insurance Group: Flexible system for flexible products

    The aim was to offer flexible, unit-linked products in addition to traditional ones. For this, Debeka needed a flexible system. The in|sure PSLife calculation kernel was used.

  • MIGSuite

    Barmenia Versicherungen: Contract migration on time

    The MIGSuite data migration software made it possible to transfer contracts to the new system of Barmenia Versicherungen. 

  • in|sure General Claims

    INTER Versicherungsgruppe: Automated claims processing

    Employees of the INTER Versicherungsgruppe can now process claims automatically without having to change systems.

  • in|sure Health Claims

    Münchener Verein: New claims system for more quality

    The introduction of in|sure Health Claims enabled the Münchener Verein to reduce costs and the potential error rate enormously.

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