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Die Bayerische relies on the in|sure GovInterface IT solution for its communications with authorities

Die Bayerische has opted for the in|sure GovInterface product developed by the adesso insurance solutions software company. As part of the in|sure Ecosphere application landscape, in|sure GovInterface is the IT solution for the processing of individual contracts for statutory reporting to the authorities. "As a first step, we would like to put our communications with authorities associated with Riester pension contracts on a new footing. As an insurer, we're also faced with the challenge of efficiently handling the current and future reporting requirements of the authorities. The in|sure GovInterface product from adesso insurance solutions is the perfect IT solution for us. It imports all available data from the necessary systems via one interface each, checks this data for relevance to the various registration procedures, prepares the data accordingly and reports it to the authorities as a data record. This means that we only have minimal need to adapt our own systems/interfaces. The software thus ensures that the reports are complete and also offers a very wide range of functions for all relevant lines of business," says Michael Brand, Managing Director of die Bayerische IT GmbH.


Mecklenburgische Versicherungsgruppe introduces in|sure PSLife for the life insurance division

Mecklenburgische Versicherungsgruppe from Hannover has decided to introduce in|sure PSLife by adesso insurance solutions. In the future, both new business and existing contracts in the life insurance division will be administrated based on in|sure. The go-live with all the current insurance products and rates plus the accompanying portfolio processing is planned for the beginning of 2022. By the end of 2023, all contracts with older rates are expected to have been migrated to the modern administration software.


Pension fund pushes ahead with digitization: SOKA-BAU builds on proven products from adesso insurance solutions

- SOKA-BAU renews existing system landscape in policy management
- adesso insurance solutions delivers policy management system in|sure PSLife and software solution MIGSuite for data migration
- Project duration: 2020 to 2023


SOKA-BAU chose the policy management system in|sure PSLife and the software solution MIGSuite for data migration from adesso insurance solutions. This means that by the middle of 2023, one of the largest pension funds in Germany will have completely reorganized the way it keeps track of its funded pension products. With this alliance, adesso insurance solutions confirms its leading role as a partner for medium-sized pension companies.


adesso insurance solutions wins DEVK for the introduction of further in|sure products

- Sales volume: almost EUR 5 million
- Project duration: until the end of 2022
- in|sure-product family: software solutions for life insurance portfolio management, administration system for the bAV and software for data migration


The pension fund of DEVK AG has chosen the in|sure product family from adesso insurance solutions. The project for a new administration system has a total volume of EUR 5 million and runs until 2022, with the aim of streamlining processes, reducing processing times and expanding the strategic potential.


adesso insurance solutions and Versicherungsforen Leipzig present the study on the future of old age pension schemes: Success factor for life insurers - flexible products and services

- A definition of six possible future scenarios
- A discussion between experts from the sectors of economy, politics and academia
- A survey of 300 end customers on the challenges of old-age pensions
- Recommended actions for six areas of activity in the insurance sector

What will the old-age pension scenario be in 10 to 15 years from now? What will be the responsibilities of life insurance and pension funds? What challenges do end-customers see? Answers to this question are provided by the current study of the software company, 'adesso insurance solutions' and 'Versicherungsforen Leipzig'.


Provincial NordWest launches new online commercial insurer in the cloud with support from adesso insurance solutions

The Provinzial NordWest Group relied on adesso's IT expertise for the launch of its new digital commercial insurer andsafe. Corporate customers can now insure themselves at the web address The adesso Group provided the complete IT architecture for this purpose.


Two additional insurance companies are introducing in|sure products for the health insurance segment

With two new successful contract agreements, adesso insurance solutions GmbH underscores the market opportunities of its own in|sure product family in the health insurance sector as well. At the end of 2018, the insurance companies DEVK and uniVersa decided to introduce in|sure standard software solutions for their insurance processes and signed corresponding contracts. The contracts include licenses worth over EUR 4 million, implementation contracts in the single-digit million range and multi-year maintenance contracts.


adesso takes over Collogia Trianova GmbH and updates in|sure with a module for company pensions and working time accounts

adesso insurance solutions GmbH has taken over the full business operations of Cologne-based Collogia Trianova GmbH with more than 30 employees with effect from 31 August 2018. In doing so, adesso is expanding its own range of products and services in the field of company pensions and working time accounts, and is acquiring the CollPhir software solution, which has already had years of success on the market. CollPhir will be integrated into adesso’s in|sure product family as part of the business merger, which means that the standard software solution for the insurance industry will be expanded to include the additional functions. The former CEO of Collogia Trianova, Dr. Michael Höhnerbach, will be a new addition to the management of adesso insurance solutions and will continue to develop services in the field of company pensions, working time accounts and actuarial consulting. A lower seven-figure valuation was agreed upon based on defined conditions.


DKV automates operating processes in care insurance with in|sure Health Claims

DKV, the health insurer of the ERGO Group, has decided to introduce in|sure Health Claims. With the claims management system of adesso insurance solutions, DKV will optimize its billing processes in the area of care insurance.


Insurance solution in|sure PSLife from adesso insurance solutions receives Celent Award for leading technology

The analyst firm Celent has awarded the management system for life insurers in|sure PSLife with the international "XCelent Technology Award 2017". The software solution by adesso insurance solutions receives the award for the second time after 2013.


Premiere for the “Health Insurance Innovation Prize”: adesso announces the winners at Health Executives Day 2018

Yesterday evening, the Health Executives Day 2018 organised by adesso and its insurance subsidiary adesso insurance solutions presented its first innovation prize for the German health insurance sector: the Health Insurance Innovation Prize 2018 for innovative product and service solutions in the fields of statutory and private health insurance went to the companies ottonova and Central. The start-up DOCYET also received a prize in the special category SmartIdea.


adesso insurance solutions takes over FABIS and expands in|sure with modules for sales management and commission settlement

The adesso Group company adesso insurance solutions GmbH is finalizing a complete takeover of FABIS Sales Solutions GmbH & Co. KG from Bamberg and in so doing is expanding its own product portfolio to include standard modules for sales management and commission settlement. The purchase agreement was signed in Dortmund. The agreed purchase price for the company, which has been in the commission settlement business for around 30 years, was EUR 1.5 million in cash. The payment will be made from the liquid assets of adesso insurance solutions GmbH. FABIS will be fully merged into adesso insurance solutions GmbH in the near future. The former managing partner of FABIS will now be responsible for continuing product management in the sector at adesso insurance solutions and developing it further within the adesso Group.


Study by adesso insurance solutions identifies factors that will impact composite insurance in the future

If composite insurers want to ensure their future viability, they must be in control of exponential increases in data volumes and have a command of methods for analyzing them. That was the result of a recent study carried out by adesso insurance solutions and Versicherungsforen Leipzig (Leipzig Insurance Forums).


INTER Versicherungsgruppe commissions new inventory control system developed by adesso insurance solutions GmbH

The new accident insurance inventory control system successfully came online on 12 December 2017 thanks to the partnership between INTER Versicherungsgruppe and adesso insurance solutions GmbH. The entire contract inventory for new business is now managed using the new in|sure General Policy system.


ADVOCARD decides in favour of the solution Heuristic Claims Management by adesso insurance solutions GmbH

In the future, ADVOCARD will be relying on the Heuristic Claims Management solution to automatically process its new claims. This statistically based method developed by adesso insurance solutions can be used to automatically read and process lawyers’ unstructured requests for coverage. From the end of 2018 on, a higher percentage of ADVOCARD Rechtsschutzversicherung AG’s new written claims will be processed in this way.


"Münchener Verein" opts for adesso product in|sure General in the field of property general liability personal accident and motor insurance

To be even better prepared for the increasing digitalisation of the insurance sector, “Münchener Verein Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG” (Münchener Verein) will be using the standard software package offered by adesso insurance solutions GmbH for its composite policies in future. After launching in|sure PSLife for portfolio and claims management for life insurance and in|sure Partner for partner management, with in|sure General, the insurance group is now introducing a further component of the in|sure comprehensive IT package.


INTER Versicherungsgruppe (Insurance Group) successfully introduces in|sure General Claims

The project for the integration of a new claims management system in the field of composites was successfully completed thanks to the cooperation between INTER Versicherungsgruppe (Insurance Group) and adesso insurance solutions GmbH. Complete claims processing is now carried out by the new system, in|sure General Claims.


Barmenia relies on in|sure Health Claims in its care

Right on time with the entry into force of the amendments to the “Pflegestärkungsgesetz II” (PSG II, law to improve care) as of 1 January 2017, Barmenia Krankenversicherung has strengthened its digitalization strategy by adding the care component of the claims settlement system in|sure Health Claims of adesso insurance solutions GmbH.


Generali modernizes the portfolio system Life with in|sure PSLife

Generali in Germany has decided to use PSLife from the adesso product family in|sure within the scope of a Group-wide portfolio system modernization of its Life components. AachenMünchener Lebensversicherung AG will be the first insurance brand of the group to map its new business using the adesso software.


adesso pools its in|sure insurance portfolio at adesso insur-ance solutions GmbH

adesso AG is pooling its in|sure product family insurance portfolio at its subsidiary adesso insurance solutions GmbH. An agreement was signed yesterday on the merger of subsidiary PSLife Consulting GmbH with adesso insurance solutions GmbH. All PSLife Consulting GmbH employees will work at adesso insurance solutions GmbH in future. The former managing director of PSLife Consulting, Harald Narloch, will join the management team of adesso insurance solutions GmbH (ais).


Stuttgarter Versicherungsgruppe opts for General Claims

The Stuttgarter Versicherungsgruppe (The Stuttgart Insurance Group) is replacing its existing legacy system for claims processing in the areas of property/liability insurance as well as accident and supplementary health insurance and is replacing it with “in|sure General Claims”, a solution from the adesso subsidiary adesso insurance solutions GmbH. adesso was commissioned with the introduction into the existing infrastructure and is also developing a solution for claims settlement of supplementary dental insurances.


Münchener Verein Lebensversicherung opts for in|sure PSlife

This year, Münchener Verein Lebensversicherung a.G. initiated a project to set up a new inventory and service management system based on the PSLife software product. The model-based policy administration software for life insurers was developed by PSLife GmbH, a subsidiary of IT service provider adesso. PSLife GmbH and affiliated company PSLife Consulting GmbH are supporting Münchener Verein Lebensversicherung with the introduction and adaptation of the PSLife software solution.


Continentale Unterstützungskasse has opted for the provident fund module in|sure CollPhir

The administration of provident fund commitments is technically complex. In order to automate these administrative processes in the future, Continentale Unterstützungskasse decided to use our solution in|sure CollPhir. With in|sure CollPhir, processes such as verification of corporate tax liability, creation of PSV attestations, generation of the commercial and tax balance sheet, administration of payment transactions and much more can be handled easily and in compliance with the law. in|sure CollPhir is the IT solution for the administration and communication of company pension schemes within our application landscape in|sure Ecosphere. 


Die Bayerische relies on our IT solution in|sure GovInterface for communication with authorities

Die Bayerische has opted for our product in|sure GovInterface. Within our in|sure product family, in|sure GovInterface is the IT solution for the individual contractual processing of legal reports to authorities. All available data is transferred from the necessary systems via an interface, checked for relevance to the report, prepared accordingly and reported to the authority as a data record. Thereby in|sure GovInterface ensures the completeness of the reports.


Mecklenburgische Versicherungsgruppe introduces in|sure PSLife for the life insurance division

Mecklenburgische Versicherungsgruppe from Hannover has decided to introduce in|sure PSLife from us. In the future, both new business and existing contracts in the life insurance division will be administrated based on in|sure. The go-live with all the current insurance products and rates plus the accompanying portfolio processing is planned for the beginning of 2022. By the end of 2023, all contracts with older rates are expected to have been migrated to the modern administration software.


Pension fund pushes ahead with digitization: SOKA-BAU builds on proven products from us

SOKA-BAU chose the policy management system in|sure PSLife and the software solution MIGSuite for data migration from us. This means that by the middle of 2023, one of the largest pension funds in Germany will have completely reorganized the way it keeps track of its funded pension products. With this alliance, we confirm our leading role as a partner for medium-sized pension companies.


Süddeutsche Krankenversicherung carries out comprehensive IT modernization with our support

Süddeutsche Krankenversicherung (SDK) will carry out a complete modernization of its application landscape until the end of 2025. adesso will support the project as a strategic partner in planning, controlling, implementation and also employee qualification. We were able to convince the SDK with a corresponding package in the tender, which also contains software products specialized on the insurance business. Currently, licenses worth a single-digit million euro amount have been concluded and a joint roadmap for further projects has been developed.


DEVK Versicherungen decide in favour of our AI solution Aisaac for seamless straight through processing

DEVK Versicherungen have chosen the Aisaac AI-based solution as a service for the structuring and digitization of incoming invoices for motor vehicle registration certificates. This will close digitization gaps from October 2020 and create the basis for process automation. Peter Boecker, Head of the Property/HUK Claims Department, sums up why the Aisaac AI solution was chosen: "Aisaac has already been used successfully in other areas of our company for years. In the end, we were convinced that the intelligent Aisaac process focuses on maximum data quality. This way we get a noticeable relief for the clerks right from the start". Jan Langkau, Aisaac division manager, adds: "In addition, one of the most important added values in structuring the unstructured cover letters is that the attributes to be extracted can be configured individually. DEVK gains a considerable procedural advantage by using Aisaac."


Conclusion of contracts for in|sure implementation signed with Continentale Krankenversicherung and DEVK

In December 2019, two more insurance companies opted for our in|sure-product family. Continentale Krankenversicherung a. G., one of the ten largest private health insurance companies in Germany, will restructure its existing system landscape in the area of portfolio management and benefits management on the basis of in|sure by 2023. In addition to full insurance, one focus will be on the mapping of group contracts using in|sure Health Collective. Following DEVK's decision in the previous year to use in|sure as a product for managing private health insurance, the in|sure PSLife portfolio management system for life insurance policies was also licensed for the pension fund. The software solution in|sure CollPhir for company pension schemes is a fundamental component of this. Together, the concluded contracts comprise licenses worth more than EUR 5 million. In addition, implementation contracts and multi-annual maintenance contracts were concluded.


andsafe wins Diamond Star Award as “Best Digital Insurance Platform”

Congratulations! Yesterday, our client andsafe won the Handelsblatt Diamond Star Award as the “Best Digital Insurance Platform”. We are proud to be a part of this success story. We started the project in 2018 on the “Grüne Wiese” (Green meadow). The new digital commercial insurance was equipped with our in|sure platform and a complete, cloud-based application landscape was set up. So to speak, the insurance infrastructure from the socket à la plug-and-play. We are very happy for andsafe, and once again send a huge thank you for the great cooperation and are already excited about how andsafe will develop further!


Study: “Die Zukunft der Altersvorsorge” (The Future of Retirement Provision) is now available for download

Our new study “Die Zukunft der Altersvorsorge” in cooperation with Versicherungsforen Leipzig has been published. It is a practice-oriented guidebook that shows six future scenarios, defines the role of life insurance and pension funds in them and provides the reader with a large number of recommendations for action. The study is now available in German for free download at



Data migration of 1.1 million contracts at Barmenia to the new portfolio management system

As part of the implementation and introduction of in|sure Health Policy at Barmenia Krankenversicherung AG, the complete portfolio of a total of 1.1 million private health insurance policies was transferred to the new portfolio management system this year, following the successful migration of the portfolios of the foreign travel health insurance 2016 and the compulsory care insurance 2017. This means that both the new and the modified business of Barmenia Krankenversicherung AG is now managed in the new portfolio management system in|sure Health Policy. adesso insurance solutions provided leading methodological and technical support for the portfolio migration. In addition, our data migration tool MIGSuite MIGSuite, was used for the revision-proof storage and transformation of legacy data into the target structure.


“ad hoc” reporting directly from the business applications of the entire in|sure product family

As an official OEM partner of the business intelligence specialist Qlik, we now offer the reporting and visualization component Qlik Sense as part of our in|sure products. It allows you to create interactive reports and dashboards with comprehensive diagrams and graphics based on our in|sure data. A one-time integration in advance is all that is needed, and the business user can then create reports independently and quickly – without having to use internal IT resources or data from the central database. For example, after a storm has passed, a claims manager is able to immediately carry out corresponding evaluations on the in|sure loss portfolio and prepare them in a visually appealing way.


adesso records highest license sales of the in|sure product family for the insurance industry in the second quarter of 2019 so far

adesso insurance solutions GmbH achieves the highest license sales of a quarter so far with its proprietary in|sure product family for the insurance industry. In the first six months of 2019 alone, the volume of sales generated with licenses reached more than EUR 9 million, which is already significantly higher than the total for the year 2018. Two health insurance policies, one life insurance policy and the new online commercial insurer Provinzial NordWest contributed to the sales volume.


Expansion of our management

On 06/01/2019, we welcomed Dr. Werner Breitfuss as a new member of the management board. He will be responsible for the areas of property insurance, commission, partner administration and payment transactions.


Dr. Breitfuss, who holds a degree in business information technology, earned his doctorate in the field of AI and robotics at the University of Tokyo. Previously, he was in charge of the worldwide strategic development of IT solutions for property insurance, in particular for portfolio management and claims management, at an American software manufacturer for insurance solutions.


Interview on advantages and disadvantages of cloud technology published in VVWheute

Our managing director Oliver von Ameln considers “cloud technology to be one of the major topics in the insurance industry, alongside artificial intelligence”. In a recent interview with the German insurance magazine VVWheute, he spoke about the “light and shadow” of the technology:


Expansion of drebis by drebis fast lane for motor vehicle claims

With drebis fast lane, attorneys* can now report their clients' liability reports to motor vehicle insurance companies even faster and easier via our drebis-portal. Only a few mandatory details are requested and the damage report is transmitted digitally and securely to the insurance companies via our portal. In addition, drebis fast lane is not only free of charge for attorneys*, but they also receive a flat-rate payment of EUR 25.00 for each reported motor vehicle claim. By connecting to drebis fast lane, motor vehicle insurance companies have the advantage of receiving structured, digital data that can be processed directly in their own systems. Further information on drebis fast lane is available here.


Health Executives Day 2019: successfully exploiting the opportunities of the digital revolution

Together with adesso AG, we invited – already for the 4th time – numerous decision-makers and experts from the field of GKV (statutory health insurance) and PKV (private health insurance) to our Health Excecutive Day. Current aspects of digitalization and options for action for the health care market were presented and discussed in exciting technical contributions and at our Expert Tables. Prof. Dr. Wasem from the University of Duisburg, for example, spoke about the challenges for statutory and private health insurance resulting from medical progress and demographic development. And profiler Suzanne Grieger-Lange showed how power profiling methods can be used for the digital transformation in the healthcare system.


Digisurance 2019: We were there as sponsor and exhibitor!

This year, we took part in Digisurance in Berlin for the first time. This exciting event format aims to bring start-ups and insurers together and present projects and collaborations that are already working. One highlight was the board panel “From Cost Center to Profit Center: Does the future belong to this ‘buy and bill’ model”, in which our Managing Director, Oliver von Ameln, also took part in the discussion on the challenges.


5 years adesso insurance solutions GmbH

Happy birthday to us! Four years ago, adesso AG decided to bundle its product portfolio for the insurance market into an independent company and founded the product house adesso insurance solutions. Since then, we have grown steadily and now offer not only standard software for complete application landscapes of all insurance sectors, but also count more than 200 product and insurance specialists among our team.

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