Evolutionary software solution for every insurance line.

Development requires exactly one thing: adaptation.

Imagine a brain. Adapted in its base to all elementary tasks, it learns quickly and forms new links. This is exactly how our software works. Whether in claims management, policy management, product modelling, commission or payment transactions: in|sure Ecosphere grows with your tasks.

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6 great reasons to use adesso in|sure


One for all

With an integrated standard software we map all business transactions simply and clearly. The software also adapts to all existing interfaces and systems such as collection and disbursement systems.

Software as a Service

With in|sure Ecosphere, we offer you a fully comprehensive preconfigured application landscape "from the socket" for all insurance lines from the cloud. Time and cost-intensive maintenance and operating tasks are eliminated, allowing you to concentrate fully on your core processes.


Quicker processing

The integrated system has been proven to lead to faster processing times in policy management, claims and benefits management. With adesso in|sure, a system change within an administrative process is not necessary.


Future sustainability

Thanks to its modern architecture and long-term product strategy, in|sure is an IT system that evades the usual system ageing process and thus offers future and investment security.


One promise

We stand by our word when it comes to the time, cost and quality of an implementation. In addition, we also have a dedicated support team available to take care of all your needs.


Rapid payback

Due to its evolutionary structure, our standard software behaves like software developed especially for you. However, you benefit from lower costs and faster payback.

Your expert software partner

IT know-how and expertise in the insurance industry make us a provider who can fully understand your needs and requirements and harness them in software. And we can prove it:



very satisfied insurers



employees at 38 locations



product specialists for the insurance sector alone

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How our software solution adapts evolutionarily:

Root, stem, crown: every tree has the same basic structure. Yet you will hardly find two identical ones. Because they are organically adapted to their environment. Our software solution for insurance companies is based on this principle.

Unique interface and integration concepts ensure flexible rooting in your existing application environment. The XCelent Technology Award winning in|sure architecture defines open source frameworks that are 100% Java-based and therefore offer two important advantages:you relieve your company of license dependencies and the associated costs, while at the same time ensuring a fast learning curve.

Innovative architecture concepts allow for company-specific adaptations without interfering with the standard software. This means that you benefit from two things with our insurance software: On the one hand, you will receive software tailored to your insurance company for inventory management, claims and benefits management. On the other hand, you benefit from the cost advantages and the ongoing updates of a standard software. This is because the costs for cyclical adjustments are borne by all users.

Moreover, the system components, which are neutral in terms of lines of business, are already set up in the system cores in such a way that they can handle the core business processes of portfolio management, claims and benefits management. Also fully automated upon request.

Company-specific adaptation – products and interfaces

The division-specific components are added to the division-neutral components – fully release-ready

All core systems use the same set of sector-neutral components – fully release-ready

Common foundation of open and modern frameworks – fully release-ready