The Challenge

The major challenge was to migrate a
portfolio of over 1.3 million insurance
contracts. After more than 30 years,
the old, host-based portfolio
management system had reached its
"end-of-life" and needed to be
completely overhauled.


The Solution

Together, we developed the in|sure
Health Policy Management System,
which offers a high automated
processing potentials and flexible
product modeling at low operating
costs. The migration of the entire
portfolio from the old system was
handled by our MIGSuite software.


The Outcome

With in|sure Health Policy, Barmenia
now has a state-of-the-art and future-
proof policy management system with
open interfaces. The system can make
adjustments autonomously. The
migration of 1.3 million contracts was
successfully completed with MIGSuite.


The results of the policy data migration exceeded our expectations. Together with adesso insurance solutions, the migration was successfully completed on time and with exceptionally high quality."

Thomas Thomsen – Head of Department Contract

Download the complete case study in PDF format here.

The PDF document contains the complete case study of the client Barmenia Versicherungen, with the challenges, solutions, project timeline and outcome of the "Migration of 1.3 million contracts" project.

About the Client Barmenia Versicherungen

Barmenia Versicherungen is an independent insurance group based in Wuppertal, Germany. The group includes Barmenia Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG, Barmenia Lebensversicherung a. G., and Barmenia Krankenversicherung AG. The managing company is an association, Barmenia Versicherungen a. G. Around 3,800 office and field employees and numerous brokers manage a portfolio of more than 2.3 million insurance contracts. The group works based on the principle of being a reliable partner to its customers and offering the best solutions. The product landscape is complemented by many digital services. At Barmenia, customers treated like people: Simple. Humane.


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