Evolutionary software solution for regulatory reporting

As an insurance company, you are confronted with the challenge of efficiently managing the requirements for reporting to authorities. The required data are often in different databases. The reports are additionally created through different applications. With in|sure GovInterface, we offer you an IT solution that saves all available data through one interface from the required systems, examines the relevance for the different reporting procedures, correspondingly prepares them and reports the dataset to the authorities.

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6 good reasons for in|sure GovInterface:

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All in one

The transfer of all required data from the customer systems occurs through one input interface per system. The completeness of the reports including proof is ensured in one system.

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in|sure GovInterface offers a high degree of automation of countless processes in reporting that makes your work easier and creates new capacities.

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You profit from a standardized industry solution with all its cost benefits that relieve your budget and quickly amortize.

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Technologically leading

in|sure GovInterface is based on a technologically award-winning framework. The system is based on futuresafe Java technology and is completely ready for release.

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The simple adjustment of key tables allows for a quick expandability to other types of reports.

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A mature interface concept supports the uncomplicated connection to different specialist and branch systems.


If you need further information about in|sure GovInterface, you will find our brochure here


The evolutionary regulatory reporting system at a glance

Features of our product:

  • Takeover of available data from the policy management systems (including tax policy management, partner, collections/disbursements)
  • Inspection and preparation of transferred data as well as decision on relevance
  • Addition of missing data through dialogs and automated additional demand as needed
  • Automated inquiry of clear marks of identification such as a tax ID from authorities
  • Provision of data for printing legally required certificates
  • Automatic processing of responses, if needed sorting according to degree of severity/urgency and forwarding to person responsible for post-processing
  • Transfer of prepared data, normally in XML structures, under compliance with the legally defined periods
  • Keeping of a comprehensive processing history and display of such on the GUI

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