The Challenge

The first challenge was finding a new
system to replace the previous key-
based legacy system in order to be
able to offer flexible products. Another
challenge was the need to integrate
the new system into the existing
system landscape and to make it more


The Solution

With the in|sure General Claims
standard software, all business
transactions could be clearly
displayed. Employees can now handle
the entire claims process from creation
to payment without having to change


The Outcome

Thanks to the new application's
improved handling, more
comprehensive data and user-friendly
operation, the INTER insurance group
was able to achieve a 50% savings in
time when processing new claims with
the new system.


With the uniform interfaces and user-friendly operation in all divisions, the transition to the new claims system was smooth for the users and it was immediately operable without a major training investment. The claims project was a complete success due to the outstanding and friendly collaboration with our colleagues from adesso.”

Klaus Schroth – Head of Property and Casualty Central Claims Service

Download the complete case study in PDF format here

The PDF document contains the complete case study of the client INTER Versicherungsgruppe, with the challenges, solutions, project timeline and outcome of the "Automated claims processing" project.

About the Client INTER Versicherungsgruppe

INTER Versicherungsgruppe is an independent insurance group that offers a comprehensive range of products for private and commercial customers. Special offers are aimed at customers in medicine and skilled crafts and trades. INTER Versicherungsverein aG serves largely as the holding company for the direct or indirect subsidiaries.Its roots go back to 1926. Today, it employs over 1,500 office and field employees.


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