Software solution for technically complex data migrations.

MIGSuite is a solution which allows you to implement migration projects efficiently and in an audit-compliant way based on the Java programming language. It relieves transfer projects and lowers risks by bringing in ready-implemented and quality-assured mechanisms for generic issues.

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Tried and tested

The tried and tested MIGSuite migration process supports standard and special migration in an audit-compliant way.



The technical framework facilitates simple customer-specific expansion on the basis of Java and supports a focus on technical expertise.



A clear division of specialised and technical responsibilities among the MIGSuite components.



Source system-oriented supply of information to the important data sets. Configurable views for staff from different areas of expertise.


Cost minimization

Comprehensive 1:1 transfer of data from complex source system landscapes facilitates their timely release.


Irrespective of segment

MIGSuite is not tied to a given industry segment and is optimised in parallel for migrations to products in the in|sure family.

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The system for software-supported migration at a glance.

Features of our product:

  • MIGTools: tool for generating the access layer from a source system and/or target structures.
  • MIGImport: framework for supplying the source system data sets to the data storage.
  • MIGPool: web application for supplying information to the source system data sets with search facilities.
  • Data storage: central data storage for the MIGSuite. This is where the source system data sets, the transformation results, controlling values and a migration object for each imported source system data set are saved.
  • MIGTransform: a framework for implementing the migration algorithm: transformation of the imported source system data sets into the target system structure, transfer of the transformation results into the target system, connection to interface systems as well as validation of control values.
  • MIGControl: managing the entire migration process.

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