Evolutionary system for process control and orchestration

Insurance companies need to manage numerous processes every day to handle their daily busi-ness, therefore, a smooth workflow is essential. With in|sure Workflow, you control and orchestrate your manual and automated processes from end-to-end – including input management, pro-cessing in core systems and output management. Model your business processes and significant-ly increase your background processing rate via interfaces to policies, claims and cross systems.

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6 good reasons for in|sure Workflow:


Easy integration

in|sure Workflow operates with existing policy and claims systems and is optimized for in|sure Eco-sphere process control. Multiple input and output channels can be easily integrated.

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Maximum end-to-end automation of numerous insurance processes frees up human resources for your core business.



in|sure Workflow performs predefined universal business processes in order to automate the pro-cessing of insurance claims.


Full transparency

Real-time monitoring (near real-time) of the entire process enables you to perform targeted anal-yses and to make rapid optimizations.

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Process/rule definitions can be customized at any time, allowing you to map the specific details of processes and business rules.


Reduced error rate

in|sure Workflow uses skill-based task distribution to efficiently support manual processing and to significantly minimize error rates. 

The evolutionary system for process control and orchestration at a glance

Features of our product:

  • Definition and flow control of processes according to BPMN process notation and an inte-grated set of rules according to DMN
  • Derivation and monitoring of key figures for evaluation
  • Evaluation of process key figures in compliance with specifications for evaluation parame-ters (including works council specifications) and for the improvement of processes based on these specifications
  • Predefined processes for the life, health and property/casualty lines of business and for cross-functional processes in the domains of partners, collections/disbursements and compliance
  • Complete background processing of bulk processes (contract creation, contract changes, claims notification, claims information, partner changes)
  • Control of complex issues and issues with missing data or control by defined business rules in mailboxes for manual processing of the process step via in|sure Workplace
  • Fast adaptation to your insurance company’s specific requirements (e.g., acceptance guidelines) through predefined business rules
  • Complete integration of in|sure Ecosphere services for pricing, quoting and issuing poli-cies, for policy management and claims management as well as for cross-functional pro-cesses to partners and for collections/disbursements – additional services for end-to-end processing can be easily integrated (e.g., health and risk assessment)
  • Support of synchronous processing in inbound telephony
  • Connection to input management with extraction and transfer of data regarding issues and the specific contextual data
  • Process initiation for synchronous processing in inbound telephony including via telephony workstation with smartphone and integration of the telephony system (including ACD ¬– au-tomatic call distribution)

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