in|sure Partner

The evolutionary, multidisciplinary partner system for the insurance industry.

Consistent communication and standardized personal databases within insurance companies are vital in achieving an interdepartmental workflow that links together effectively. Our partner management software makes this possible and simultaneously provides a 360-degree view of the customer (policy holders, premium payers, claimants etc.).

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Cross-Selling Potential

The comprehensive consideration of customer data enables, for example, the simple identification of cross-selling potential.



in|sure Partner maps all processes necessary for central, case-closing processing within a user-friendly software application.



With a central partner system, our software guarantees consistent personal data, even across business divisions.



Partner management enables the networking of various departments, the most up-to-date data sets and, alongside this, synergies in case processing.



A fully developed interface concept supports uncomplicated linking with the different systems within the various departments and divisions, as well as test systems.


Technologically pioneering

in|sure Partner is based on a framework that has been awarded the XCelent Technology Award for technical innovation.

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The evolutionary customer and personal database solution at a glance.

Quick overview

Additional information

What sets our product apart:

  • Central case-closing processing for all divisions
  • Centralise and protect information across business divisions (e.g. fiscal aspects)
  • Restrictions on permissions (separation of business divisions, blocking, deletion)
  • Linking of systems in various departments/divisions; including of existing test systems (e.g. Uniserv, ESW adressware)
  • Quick creation within a dialogue
  • Consideration of all data protection regulations (DSGVO, BDSG)

in|sure Partner removes the load of non-profit-generating administrative tasks and supports you in your core business with the following functionalities:

  • Compilation of personal data, of both legal and natural persons
  • Creation of communication connections with the partner such as addresses, telephone/fax, email, etc.
  • Presentation of the partner’s possible bank details, with their primary intended uses (collections/disbursements)
  • Mapping of partner roles, assigned primarily by the division/ policy/ benefit system
  • Mapping of relationships between partners without mandatory technical insurance dependencies
  • Maintenance of customer contacts (letters, phone calls etc.)
  • SEPA mandates, both in the form of framework and individual mandates
  • Context-related jumping to the connected technical systems
  • Simple interface integration for web applications
  • Clear traceability of historic data inventories
  • Simple integration into existing system landscapes thanks to the service-oriented architecture

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