The Challenge

All existing and current fund-linked
contracts needed to be migrated to a
new system within one year, because
the existing management contract
was expiring and could not be


The Solution

With the help of MIGSuite, Barmenia
Versicherungen was able to transfer all
contracts to in|sure PSLife, the new policy management and benefits system for life insurance, in a technically
correct and audit-proof manner.


The Outcome

All contracts were fully migrated on
time. This allowed the costs of non-
migrated contracts caused by missing
the deadline to be avoided.


A migration project with a tight timeline and a hard deadline ends on time and within the budget. The migration tool MIGSuite established the technical framework process, so development could be fully focused on business logic implementation. MIGSuite solves technical challenges such as transaction security, checksum mechanisms or secure logging.“

Dominik Hoppenkamps – Project Manager in|sure PSLife and LV Migration

Download the complete case study in PDF format here

The PDF document contains the complete case study of the client Barmenia Versicherungen, with the challenges, solutions, project timeline and outcome of the "Contract migration on time" project.

About the Client Barmenia Versicherungen

Barmenia Versicherungen is an independent insurance group based in Wuppertal, Germany. The group includes Barmenia Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG, Barmenia Lebensversicherung a. G., and Barmenia Krankenversicherung AG. The managing company is an association, Barmenia Versicherungen a. G. Around 3,800 office and field employees and numerous brokers manage a portfolio of more than 2.3 million insurance contracts. The group works based on the principle of being a reliable partner to its customers and offering the best solutions. The product landscape is complemented by many digital services. At Barmenia, customers treated like people: Simple. Humane.


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