The evolutionary accounting system for occu­pational pension schemes

The administration and accounting of occupational pension benefits often require a great deal of administrative effort. Legal requirements must be met and the exchange of data with tax authorities and health insurance companies must be coordinated. Timely and error-free payment to beneficiaries is also essential. With our efficient standard software in|sure PenPay, you control all processes for the payment of company pension benefits and automated business transactions completely in compliance with all legal requirements.

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Technological leader

in|sure PenPay is based on a technologically award-winning framework. The system relies on future-proof Java technology, is fully release-ready and available in the cloud



The consistent focus on a high level of automation helps to reduce the internal costs of pension administration and accounting.



in|sure PenPay can be easily integrated into the existing IT landscape. The software can be connected to all existing peripheral systems via standardized interface adapters offering great flexibility.



You benefit from standard software with all its cost advantages, which relieves your budget and pays for itself quickly. The costs of regular adjustments to legal changes are distributed among all users of the software.


High performance

You can count on in|sure PenPay with growing inventories. Even the billing of a large number of service recipients is fast and cost-efficient.



Through the use of a modern intuitive user interface, the user is guided through the system in a targeted manner.

The evolutionary standard software for pension accounting at a glance

This is what distinguishes our product:

  • Complete administration and processing of current payments of company pension benefits (all 5 implementation channels)
  • Consideration of old-age pension, widow's pension, half-orphan's and orphan's pension, occupational disability pension, death benefit, partial and special payments
  • Determination of tax and social security contributions
  • Electronic reporting of the calculated tax and social security contributions as well as other parameters to the tax offices, to the Central Allowance Office for Retirement Assets and to the health insurance funds
  • Monthly closing and updating of the account with retroactive accounting or retroactive correction option of up to 4 years
  • Conversion of garnishments through an integrated garnishment module
  • Posting transfer to financial accounting (SKR03, SKR04)
  • Production and management of the SEPA payment flow to company pensioners, health insurance funds and tax authorities
  • Creation of reports and evaluations

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