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Wilm Tennagel | 21.11.2023

Focus on generational differences: How do policyholders' needs differ in the event of a claim?

Dortmund, November 21, 2023 - In the event of a claim - from a minor annoyance to a highly emotional crisis situation - insurers must prove their legitimacy and meet individual expectations. A joint white paper by Versicherungsforen Leipzig and adesso insurance solutions gets to the bottom of the question of whether the needs of the generations are really as different as is often claimed. The core of the white paper is the question of what role digitality plays for customers in the event of a claim and whether a change in their needs can be observed across the different generations. The basis for answering these questions is an online survey conducted in September 2023 among 800 German insurance customers aged between 18 and 73.

Surprising findings
The whitepaper now provides a whole series of surprising results: Despite all the digital affinity, especially among the younger generation, the telephone, for example, is still the preferred means of communication for reporting a claim - across all generations. Other findings should also give insurance companies food for thought: Over 50 percent of respondents are not aware of the fact that claims are usually processed completely automatically without direct human intervention.
The sentiment is rounded off by practical examples from the insurance industry, which are used to illustrate possible solutions.
The white paper "Customer needs as a driver of change" from the series "Change is necessary... change is possible" is available in German only and can be downloaded free of charge here:

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