Wilm Tennagel | 11.01.2023

InterRisk Versicherungs-AG: Future-oriented focus on the application environment with adesso insurance solutions

  • Insurance company chooses in|sure Ecosphere for SaaS operation
  • Investment in future technological capability
  • Increasing customer benefit and improving competitiveness

InterRisk Versicherungs-AG Vienna Insurance Group is planning to modernize its entire application environment and is counting on the component-based architecture of in|sure Ecosphere from adesso insurance solutions. 
The standard software in|sure Ecosphere offers fully digitalised inventory management and claims management system operations, as well as a "product engine" and essential "peripheral systems".
In a selection process that included a comprehensive proof of concept, the adesso subsidiary triumphed over its competitors. 
After the necessary preparatory work, the comprehensive transformation will begin in early 2023. Full implementation will take around three yearsand involve an overall budget in the low double-digit millions.

Making the most of digitalization opportunities with a new application environment 
The use of the in|sure Ecosphere application environment as Software as a Service is expected to significantly increase process digitalization and automation. In future, the digital set-up of communication channels should lead to "real-time experiences" for customers and sales partners alike. The consequent expansion of end-to-end processes is expected to result not only in significant gains in efficiency, but also in much shorter product development cycles. 
"InterRisk Versicherungs-AG Vienna Insurance Group expects this largest single investment to date to deliver on its strategic requirements for a future-proof application environment", says Roman Theisen, CEO of

InterRisk Versicherungs-AG Vienna Insurance Group."This increases the level of automation and speeds up the product development cycle. Work becomes more efficient and even more customer-oriented. We are making our insurance fit for the digital future." "We are InterRisk's IT partner", adds Oliver von Ameln, Managing Director at adesso inurance solutions. "Our software ensures that InterRisk's insurance experts can concentrate on their key area of expertise, insurance."

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