Melanie Hoppen | 08.01.2020

adesso insurance solutions wins DEVK for the introduction of further in|sure products

  • Sales volume: almost EUR 5 million
  • Project duration: until the end of 2022
  • in|sure-product family: software solutions for life insurance portfolio management, administration system for the bAV and software for data migration

The pension fund of DEVK AG has chosen the in|sure product family from adesso insurance solutions. The project for a new administration system has a total volume of EUR 5 million and runs until 2022, with the aim of streamlining processes, reducing processing times and expanding the strategic potential.

Inventory management with in|sure PSLife
DEVK had already decided in favor of in|sure as a product for the administration of private health insurance in the previous year. Now the life insurance portfolio management in|sure PSLife has also been licensed for the pension fund. A further component is in|sure CollPhir for company pension schemes. DEVK will in future manage its pension fund on this basis. “The cooperation so far has shown that with adesso insurance solutions we have found a professional software company with very high insurance expertise. The in|sure products are perfectly tailored to our needs. That is why we are pleased to be able to further expand our administration system with such a reliable partner in the coming years,” says Birgit Großmann, member of the board of directors of DEVK Pensionsfonds-AG.

Cost savings, relief for employees and better service
The product in|sure PSLife supports shadow processing for all tasks. The clerk can complete all entries on a cross-system interface in the administration system in|sure CollPhir, although he uses two systems. “With the products in|sure CollPhir and in|sure PSLife a complete solution for the pension fund has been purchased, as in|sure CollPhir takes care of the labor law and collective administration and in|sure PSLife takes care of the individual contract administration. By linking our two standard systems a harmonious interaction is made possible”, says OlivervonAmeln, managing director of adesso insurance solutions.

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