Evolutionary communication platform for lawyers and insurers.

Digitisation offers numerous opportunities for insurers to save costs. One such opportunity is electronic communication between lawyers and legal protection or motor vehicle insurers. With drebis insurers receive defined, structured data from lawyers that can be processed automatically. It is also possible to flexibly adapt the communication process to suit individual needs and to start a client referral, for example.


Freeing up capacity

Receiving structured, digital data from lawyers frees up capacities in the claim process that can be better used elsewhere, for example in claims management



Digital communication with lawyers via drebis forms the basis for cost-efficient, fully-automated process.



Specific departments can individually create processes, questions and process-focussed data using dynamic forms and save these in drebis on a daily basis.


Data quality

The data submitted by claimants are complete and easy to read, establishing the optimum basis on which to reach a decision on insurance cover.



Almost all reporting channels (broker, agent, field claims department, etc.) can be linked up to the communication platform in the future.



drebis supports the GdV (German Insurance Association) data record and is connected to the GdV claims network for communication with the various parties involved in a claim (e.g. lawyers).

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The communication platform for lawyers and insurers at a glance.

Product features:

  • Structured communication between law firms, legal protection insurers and motor, liability insurers
  • drebis communicates with all insurance systems via the GdV claims network or via web services
  • New claims created automatically and automation of other downstream process steps, e.g. cover verification, letter writing
  • Plausible and complete information from claimants
  • Consistent high quality of processing

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