do {work} while (we care)

That is precisely our motto. And it means the following: while you use your talent and motivation for our products and customers, we deem it our task to give you a feel-good atmosphere, a friendly team, continued development, and many other amenities. Ultimately, we want to take the burden off of you. We offer you:

Icon development

Further education

We support your further development. That's why we offer you a comprehensive training program. From basic technological and methodological knowledge for beginners to specialist knowledge of our core industries and soft skills training, our offering includes more than 350 opportunities for your professional and personal development.


Supplementary health insurance

In the event of hospitalization, we want our employees to be in the best of hands. That's why we’re taking out supplementary health insurance for all our permanent employees, for whom we will be paying the premiums. Among other things, you will benefit from private medical treatment, a flat rate for services and accommodation in a two-bed room.

Icon Open communication

Open communication

Mutual support, quick communication channels, open doors and an informal culture are how everyone conducts business here – and this, of course, includes manage­ment.

icon Job and living

Work-life balance

Your job is an important part of your life, but fortunately, it is not your whole life. This is why we offer many amenities to help you balance your job and your life while working at our company. For example, you can work remotely up to three days a week.

Icon Appreciation


do {work} while (we care) – The core of this statement is mainly based on appreciation. And it is equally noticeable both in the respectful dealings with each other along with recognition of good performance and in the excellent workplace equipment, awards, performance-based remuneration and profit-sharing.

Icon Easy entry

Easy entry

Every beginning is difficult. A new working environment, new work processes and new team – to make it easier for our new colleagues to begin their job, we offer "Welcome Days" in Dortmund, Cologne, Munich and Berlin: two days that mainly focus on familiarization and networking.

Icon mentoring concept

Mentoring concept

We want you to feel good at our company from the beginning. That is why each new member of our team receives an experienced team member to serve as their mentor. This member will be available for any of your questions in the beginning and will help you integrate yourself at our company as quickly as possible.

Icon Time off

Time off

Sometimes, you simply need to clear your mind and restore your energies. We understand this and assist you with our time-off program, where you can take unpaid time off for up to two months beyond your vacation entitlement. Whether it is for a trip around the world, a dissertation or prolonged time with family.

Icon Family friendly

Family friendly

Finding a good daycare place is not always easy. This is why we have entered into day-care centre cooperations so that our employees can find a good childcare place for their children as quickly as possible. We currently offer this model at our locations in Berlin, Dortmund and Munich. Further cities will follow.

Icon Fitness

Sport & fitness

A healthy body holds a healthy spirit. And since we all primarily rely on healthy minds here, we also support the body. This is why we subsidize membership in sports clubs and gyms. And whenever an adessi team meets up for sports - e.g. for football, table tennis or badminton - we even cover full rent for the court.

Icon locations

All over Germany

We have locations all over Germany. Therefore, if an employee of ours privately changes their residence, it does not necessarily mean that they change jobs. This is because we like to keep good employees for as long as possible.

Icon events

Employee events

We deem it especially important for the team to have a good vibe. As such, we encourage our team spirit with Christmas parties, summer festivals, team events and seminar trips.

Icon employee bonus

Employee bonus

Additional commitment must be rewarded. We offer attractive monetary prizes for successfully recruiting new employees or publishing technical articles.

Icon snacks

Free snacks and drinks

Food for thought. We provide all employees with free snacks and drinks. Fresh fruit and vegetables, muesli, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, chocolate, tea and water are always available at our company.

Icon shirt cleaning service

Shirt/blouse service

Rushing to the dry cleaners during your lunch break or after work - that doesn't have to be the case. We offer all employees a free cleaning service for blouses and shirts.

Icon Jobbike


With JobRad you have the possibility to lease your desired bike through us and to benefit from the tax advantage through salary conversion.

Working at an outstanding IT service provider.

It makes us very proud to not only be a successful enterprise and therefore receive recognition from customers and the competition but also from our own employees for our accomplishments as an employer.


Top Company kununu

We belong to an exclusive group of only 4.4% of companies evaluated on kununu that have received such a positive rating that they have consequently qualified for this seal.

Logo Jugend hackt circle of friends

Jugend hackt Freundeskreis

As the first signatory, we are a pioneering member in the Jugend hackt circle of friends and therefore support a program that gets youth excited about technology and - through countless hackathons - gives them the opportunity to learn how to code.

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IT enthusiasts and creative minds make up the team at adesso insurance solutions.

Working together, developing together, solving problems together and sometimes discussing technical matters together is what distinguishes our team of more than 500 dedicated colleagues. And you can become a part of it. 

adesso water bottle and fruit basket on a table
three adesso employees talking in a meeting

„There is no I in team” is a false statement.

We believe that this often - and almost naturally - reiterated sentence is completely untrue. Our team is composed solely of individuals, and we value their entirely unique viewpoints and mindsets, their diverse backgrounds, experiences and talents. We appreciate it when entirely different characters come together, discuss things, and suddenly find new ways to solve problems.

Therefore, there are many "I's" in a team at adesso insurance solutions, and if it weren't so silly, we would call it "Tiiiiiiiiim". We believe it is very important that the team be able to not only collaborate but also harmonize well with each other. This is why we—as an employer—also strongly support a true community with employee events, flat hierarchies, and many other amenities. But it's best that we let our employees have a say in the matter:

  • Each project always offers new things - variety is by no means lacking. And it is precisely in digitalization where you can do new things, drive forward and supervise development. It is very motivating every day, since you can make a difference and also grow personally.

    adesso employee Saied Bitar


  • At adesso insurance solutions, work often does not feel like work! Colleagues are more like friends than co-workers.

    adesso employee Martin Grossek


  • At adesso insurance solutions, helping colleagues is a matter of course, which makes it much easier for me to complete my tasks as a working student in particular.

    adesso employee Christine Gierschner


  • Not only is the team open and communicative but it also thinks progressively. Everybody is on board when it comes to using new technology or alternative procedures. And if I have a technical problem, somebody always lends a hand!

    adesso employee Philipp Koppmann


  • Team spirit at our company is very special, mainly because co-workers become friends with which I like to work every single day. And what I like about my work is that I have the opportunity and freedom to independently drive forward and develop products.

    adesso employee Michael Schuboth


  • The working atmosphere is characterized by a start-up and informal culture with great concern for personal circumstances. The project tasks match my abilities and I always find the necessary support, even with major challenges.

    adesso employee Konstantin Schreiter


    Exceptions welcome.

    Our award-winning frameworks, which are the foundation of our products and the unique interface concept, are based on Java. And from the beginning, Java as a script language was designed to welcome unexpected events and deviations from the rules - i.e. exceptions - with an integrated solution strategy.

    At our company, we have a similar view of our work: we welcome exceptions with open arms. We do so because they expand our horizons, let us think out of the box, and repeatedly challenge us. And these are the exact same exception characteristics that we look for in our employees as well. Perhaps we have found them in you. Apply now: to job openings.