Münchener Verein: New Claims System for More Quality

The Challenge

In order to meet the its own requirements and strategic goals, the company had to make up for processing backlogs, which occur when calculating eligibility for care services and when complying with the industry’s standardized processing specifications. The aim was to reduce the amount of work involved and to increase the quality of the company's services.


The Solution

The introduction of the In|sure Health Claim System, which uses an industry-tested standard for compulsory long-term care insurance and has already implemented the complex, industry-wide standard pool rates for compulsory long-term care insurance, has significantly reduced the design and testing effort in the insurance field.


The Outcome

An intuitive user interface considerably reduced training time. The error rate was significantly reduced. At the same time, billing speed was increased. This also solved the problem of pro-cessing backlogs, and the quality of the company's services returned to its previous high level.

With the launch of in|sure Health Claims for claims processing in the compulsory long-term care insurance we were able to provide important interfaces for a further upgrade of the old systems. Important experience was gained and risks were reduced before a further transition to a new technology."

Rodrigo Perez – Authorized Officer Health Insurance, Head of Münchener Verein

Download the complete case study in PDF format here

The PDF document contains the complete case study of the client Münchener Verein, with the challenges, solutions, project timeline and outcome of the "New claims system for more quality" project.

About the Client Münchener Verein

The origins of the insurance group lie in the cooperative idea of creating a commercial self-help establishment for skilled trades and industry. At first, Münchener Verein Krankenversicherung a. G. as founded as an insurance company of the Bavarian Commerce Association in 1922. Today, the insurance association, together with its subsidiaries, is active in the areas of life insurance and general insurance as well.